Feb. 16th, 2011 11:19 am
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Have managed to drag myself out this morning, only it's not morning it was evening in relative terms. Hiked over to Slateford to pick up parcels from PO. This bit was OK and so was I with headphones blocking the world out.

Then halfway down the big hill I remembered I hadn't picked up the cards to collect with before I left. But I did have a passport and knew what day the cards had been left. It took a bit of persuading, but I got my parcels. Whilst it's good the PO do take care that they give parcels to the right people, a passport is official photo ID. Got the slightest whiff of jobsworth. Am going back to visiting on Wed evening when the nice posty who knows me is on. Personal relationships are good, they cut through a lot of red tape in very easy and intuitive ways - like I know you, you're here every week, here are your parcels...

Unfortunately it then went tits up. Rain stopped play and determining I would get soaked walking home, I decided to get the bus into town and try my luck with my passport again at the Natwest. I'd timed it perfectly for a 9:00 arrival. Only to discover that its 9:30 opening on Wed. Cashier was a bit snouty even with my passport and insisted on an inane series of questions to 'verify' my identity. I think I could tell what he was thinking, but it's not his job to think, it's to be a bank ant. Meanwhile I draw the line at three questions max. I wanted to legitimately withdraw some money from *my* account not be on the receiving end of the Spanish Inquisition!

As you may be able to tell, I wasn't interfacing with reality very well. Whether that's my mood or that I was getting pissed-off with reason is irrelevant. I'd had enough. Crawled into Tesco on the way home and now have some normal teabags and lots of milk - Lady Grey is very nice, but sometimes nothing will do but a plain old cup of tea without anything fancier about it than being Fairtrade. Also have cottage cheese. Which is cheese, but somehow seems like it's not Cheddary or Lancashirey enough. Thus I can withdraw under my duvet again for a while.
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