May. 1st, 2011 07:25 pm
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I suppose I do have to ask myself if it's worth it. Just so I know I have done. Which kind of preempts a decision somewhat, but nevertheless the question is being asked...

It's the same old reasons. I don't really identify as trans, but will identify as transitioned in appropriate circumstances. No one ever told me who I was or should be. I'd like that freedom for everyone in any kind of transition. So I'm digging my heels in. Hard. I don't want to go anywhere near even seeming to passively agreeing with transsexual-supremacist sentiments. My only recourse is to protest. Maybe I'm having no effect, maybe this is another quixotic tilt at a windmill. I'm the one who has to feel these things though. I don't get a choice about feeling thing so powerfully, but I do choose to do something about those things.

It's crossed my mind that one answer could be setting up a trans-free-expression-of-gender group/organisation/thing. That wouldn't work though. The existing groups get little enough attendance already. Could this be the thing I saw all that time ago in Manchester? Trans-people whispering in corners that, '...sometimes we get gays in here...'. No f***ing s**t Sherlock! Canal St in Manchester with LGB people coming to a bar that's normally a scene pub? How could that be? That was the same. Trans-separatism, but this time it was trans-people separating themselves from one of the most diverse LGBT villages in the UK...

Some trans-people seem to be poison to their own community, to the wider LGBT community, and probably to themselves too.

I'm not arguing with their viewpoint or beliefs, just that they inflict it on the rest of us, taking up massive amounts of time and energy constantly arguing that they are absolutely, totally, right. All the time.

I'm kicking out because I can, I'm one of the few people who is (in others eyes) TS, who doesn't have any truck with that divisiveness and who doesn't have anything to loose. I don't care what is said about me, and looking at some of the stuff I've been on the receiving end of, it's a damn good job! Because this could be someone questioning their gender, someone really unsure of themselves an in need of time and a safe-space to discover who they are and how they want to express that.

Unless there are those who agree with me and are equally prepared to speak-out, this is going to be a very lonely, solo, thing. It's not something that's really suitable for any kind of organisation. Anything, anybody else coming on board would have to be on a collective basis, this isn't about leaders, power, status or anything like that. It's about saying a firm, final, 'No!', to internal bigotry. That's all.

There is hope. There might be a Transgender Bill of Rights for people to sign up to at some point in the summer. Getting that with X hundred names pledged to it could make a real difference to how we perceive this community.

But that's a maybe in the summer. Not now. Now is different, immediate and all too real...
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