Sep. 5th, 2011 05:40 pm
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Am beginning to feel better about things now I've made some decisions that allow me a degree of control over what's involved in my life. It will be nice to be able to talk about something more than just trans-stuff again. One side-effect seems to be that I don't seem to be inclined to comment on very much at the moment. The world is passing me by quietly and I think I'm happy with that for a while.

Still have a little pain, but tramadol seems to deal with it and so I'm more spaced-out than in pain most of the time. Sitting on buses is difficult though with minimal padding and bumpy roads.

I've only small plans for the autumn. Get out a little more, start to loose weight again, get as much as I can out of the recovery stuff I'm doing (Which has happily worked out not too badly with my hospital visit. I'll miss one planning session for Unit 1, but this is the one I'm most familiar with and I'm getting some bits I can lead assigned to me at the meeting). That starts from Mon 12th. At some point soon I'll be doing advanced WRAP, and then I'll see where that leads.

I'm also thinking of trying to sweet-talk the OU into letting me enroll for a course (I have been quite ill) again after dropping off a few years ago. Something gender/psychology related sounds interesting.

And I've written a post that only uses the T-word once. That's a start all by itself :)
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