Feb. 1st, 2011

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Appropriateness is:

Caring about the people around you.
Being friendly and interested in others.
Sharing personal stuff you feel comfortable with, that others will also be comfortable with.
Touching base with someone who's away because you thought of them.
Knowing where the lines are.
Not giving the wrong signals though your lack of insight into what you're doing.
Understanding that all of the above taken together can add up to a friendship in a working environment.

I'm not writing about JT this time. That's bugging me because there is the SG meeting soon and I need to be sane during it at the same time as pressing for definite answers to my questions.

I'm writing about my current volunteer supervisor, JC. She's off work with a fracture and I just emailed her just to say hi and I hope it's feeling better. I like JC and feel we have a good working relationship and a good working friendship. She's my supervisor and I'm a vulnerable adult volunteer - anything other than a working friendship would be inappropriate. But that doesn't stop me from caring how she is or occasionally going for a coffee away from the office whilst I'm volunteering.

The big question in my mind is whether I can tell what is appropriate myself or am I learning by example?

Maybe I did allow myself to be placed in a vulnerable position with JT - but that wasn't my responsibility and I shouldn't have been placed in that position. I suppose what I do have responsibility for is being more aware in the future and understanding that sadly I shouldn't take people at face value.

That feels like an erosion of the way I like to see the world, but I don't want to feel this way again in the future. It's so reactively emotive and self-destructive when bad things happen...


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