Feb. 15th, 2011

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I want to sleep more. About twenty hours a day should do some good...

If I'm asleep I'm not thinking, not eating and not being upset at myself/the world/Natwest(for not posting my new card fast enough). That makes the four hours in between somehow more bearable - focussed even - but sadly I can't sleep that much. Instead I need alternatives...

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New Government Back-to-work Scheme

"The highest payments will be up to £14,000 for someone who had been on incapacity benefit for a number of years, then secured a job and was still in employment two years later."

Fine. Give me £7k a year on top of my basic rate of incapacity benefit and to pay me do something to promote what really would be 'Big Society'. Am pretty sure that would work out as about a 'living wage' that I could come off housing-benefit with. I am after all a far harder task-mistress to myself than anyone else could ever be.

Oh-no, our stupid, increasingly right-wing Con'Dem' Government wants to pay it to back-to-work companies by results. Privatising our well-being even more.

This country is F****D. Soon there'll be more marches and demonstrations. If dissatisfied people can protest by civic disobedience in countries with brutal, oppressive, regimes like Tunisia, Egypt and Iran, what exactly would prevent it here? Last time it was some irresponsible nut job throwing a fire extinguisher off Millbank's roof and woman pulled from her wheelchair and a boy with serious brain injuries. Next time it could be Millbank in flames, hundreds of the public and police injured or even killed and no end to the protests in sight.

Yes, cuts are needed. But I'm with the increasing number who are crying, 'Why does it have to be so far, so fast?', and, 'Why are you destroying our public services and amenities behind the false promise of inclusion in a mythical Big Society?'

I remember powercuts and cold evenings when I was small. I remember the Winter of Discontent. That happened because of cuts and freezes as well. Don't for one minute think it couldn't happen again Cameron. The more you push people up against hard walls, the harder they'll push right back at you. Your political career is already dead in the water after your five years. Not so dead as Nick Clegg's, but dead regardless. But you won't be able to stop yourself taking thousands of lives with you into ruin in your zeal for a society where everyone contributes much and receives little from the State. This isn't middle England where days are long and sunny and money can usually be found along with plenty of time to 'do your bit'.

This is twenty-first century multicultural Britain where successive governments have tried failed experiment after failed experiment in how to govern. We need safety, we need health, we need education, we need jobs that pay enough to live and we need houses we can afford to live in. It's not f***ing rocket science. Not, that is unless you're a slave to banking and big business.

The police and armed forces are already pissed off with how they've been treated. The nationwide public sector is gearing up for action. The students have already been out in protest...

Soon there will be even more people planning to misbehave.

Next there'll be a Tweet or a FB page.



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